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美明年开启太空游 SpaceX拟送两名乘客绕月旅行|od体育官方网站

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本文摘要:US private rocket company SpaceX has announced that two private citizens have paid to be sent around the Moon.美国私人火箭公司太空探寻技术公司宣告有数两位公民缴纳了绕月环游的费用。


US private rocket company SpaceX has announced that two private citizens have paid to be sent around the Moon.美国私人火箭公司太空探寻技术公司宣告有数两位公民缴纳了绕月环游的费用。The mission is planned for late 2018, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said, adding that the tourists have already paid a significant deposit.太空探寻技术公司首席执行官伊隆?马斯克称之为,此次太空任务预计于2018年底展开,两名游客早已“缴纳了巨额保证金”。

This presents an opportunity for humans to return to deep space for the first time in 45 years, he said.他说道:“这为人类在45年后首次重回外层空间获取了机会。”The two unnamed people will fly aboard a spaceship which is set for its first unmanned test flight later this year.两位不明示游客乘坐的宇宙飞船预计于今年晚些时候展开首次无人驾驶首飞。Mr Musk said the co-operation of Americas Nasa space agency had made the plan possible.马斯克说道,美国宇航局的因应使得这一计划沦为有可能。

He said the two passengers will travel faster and further into the solar system than any before them.他回应,这两位乘客“将以比前人更慢的速度抵达太阳系很远的地方。”Mr Musk declined to reveal their identities, only saying that they knew each other and that its nobody from Hollywood.马斯克拒绝接受透漏他们的身份,只是说道他们彼此了解,且“他们并非好莱坞名人”。Like the Apollo astronauts before them, these individuals will travel into space carrying the hopes and dreams of all humankind, driven by the universal human spirit of exploration.“和之前的阿波罗号宇航员一样,这两个人将在全人类探寻精神的引导下,带着我们的期望和梦想遨游太空。

”We expect to conduct health and fitness tests, as well as begin initial training later this year.“我们将展开身体健康和体力测试,并在今年晚些时候展开初级培训。”Musk also said the first passengers are entering this with their eyes open, knowing that there is some risk here.马斯克还称之为,第一批乘客“来这里时心里有所准备,他们告诉这是有风险的”。Theyre certainly not naive, and well do everything we can to minimise that risk, but its not zero.“他们当然没有那么天真,而我们不会竭尽所能减少风险,但风险并不是零。

”The space tourists would make a loop around the Moon, skimming the lunar surface and then going well beyond, Mr Musk said.马斯克说道,两位太空游客不会绕行月球环游一圈,横过月球表面后去到更加近的地方。The mission will not involve a lunar landing.此次太空任务没登月部分。

The US has not sent astronauts to the Moon since the early 1970s.自上世纪70年代初以来,美国就没向月球载运过宇航员。



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